About Us

The VoicePrint is your preferred partner if you are looking for world-class voice-over support for your audio-visual communication needs.

We understand, naturally, that our clients’ needs are driven not just by market forces, but also by unique corporate visions, experiences and value systems. We strive to reflect these critical details and nuances in each step of the voice-over work to produce uniquely effective outcomes which truly achieve the purpose for which they were created.


Quite literally any production or piece of work that needs a professional voice-over. We will provide the appropriate renditions for your TV and radio advertisements, Documentaries,Movie Trailers, Audio books, Corporate and  Educational narrations, Telephone  and even Animated voices you desire to be read professionally.

Because our collective success depends not on our talent, skills and professional direction only but combined more importantly with your vision of the outcome we make a conscious effort without prompting, to suggest areas that can add subtle but immense value to the outcome. To that effect we will review your scripting with you and if necessary suggest and execute a complete make-over without sacrificing your vision.


If you are looking for high quality, versatility and true passion, and you are in doubt, perhaps the list below will make a compelling enough argument: